We are Importers and Dealers of Amino acids, Extracts, Vitamins, Sweeteners and Nutraceutical Ingredients.

About us

In the world where impure goods are spreading its roots, we at MSC Chemicals ensure to provide quality Natural and Nature identical products. Enabling good health to our customers as well as the environment.
We, MSC Chemicals began our journey in 2012 based in Bangalore, India. We are one among trusted Chemical importers and Dealers of Amino acids, extracts, Vitamins, sweeteners and Nutraceutical ingredients in the country.
Justifying our motto- “We believe the best product can only come, if it’s from the best quality of raw materials” Over the years, we have gained our client’s trust and reliability. We have dealt with 200 products and we are proud to proclaim that we have never compromised on the quality.
Besides delivering quality-oriented products, we make sure that the process is effective yet user-friendly. We are equipped with the best team who are skilled and dedicated to ensure you have a great experience with us. Probably, this quality makes MSC Chemicals stand out in the market.